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For Resolving Inner Barriers


I can help you, your children and your animals to BLOOM and SHINE

  • Ms Smith


    “You could either sit in therapy sessions for 20 years, or you could get straight to the source of the problem with theta-healing and get on with your life.”

  • Sophia


    “It has changed my life, after years of being put down, picked on and laughed at. Thank you Manon for filling my world with love, excitement, awareness and bravery.”

  • Kelly


    "I came out of my healing sessions feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, friends said I looked ten years younger and my entire life took a quantum leap forward.”

  • Maria B


    “What I received 3 days later was a miracle. While working on one issue, it completely healed another. My knees were in terrible pain with torn ligaments. After the ThetaHealing session, my knees were completely healed.”

  • Nicla


    “The healing was very powerful, I felt the energy all across my body. The next day my physical problem was gone. I will recommend Manon to anyone, she is the real deal.”

  • Paul


    “I am amazed at how much difference it has made in my closest relationship. I have found peace, acceptance and self-worth as well as optimistic thoughts about my future.”

The Power of ThetaHealing®
Your life will be changed forever.

Get better


When people are asking me for help, they feel stuck in their life. They may
- be shy.
- feel stressed. Anxious. Afraid.
- feel not good about themselves.
- have difficulty expressing themselves
(e.g. speaking in public).
- still suffer from a physical condition.
- perform below their wishes.

If this sounds like you or your child, then I am here to help you and your children to change your inner and therefore your outer world.

No matter what you do consciously, your subconscious mind might block you from how you want to be and from reaching your goals. Change always starts from deep within.

I love helping you and your children to BLOOM and SHINE.

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CREATING CHANGES INSIDE OUT through mind focussed reprogramming in a deep Theta-state of mind . Inspiring videos

Feel better


When people request a healing for their animals, their animals are suffering from:
- shyness (withdrawn/scared).
- stress.
- separation anxiety.
- too much barking, meowing, etc
- odd and stressful behaviour.

If this sounds like your animal friends, then I am here to help them to change their inner world.

Animals are as emotional as you and me and can still suffer from past experiences (e.g. rescued animals) or from something that is going on in their present life. Stress over a long period of time can also make them sick..

I can help release them of stress and change what they think, feel and believe and this may affect how they behave as well. They always get healing out of every healing they receive.

I love to help them feeling better so they too can BLOOM and SHINE.

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FREE 10 Minutes Skype Consultation

to test if your subconscious mind is blocking you from getting better, healthier and reaching your goals and desires. You can do everything that you can, but if your mind is blocking you, your road is not clear and you will never get there. Do you want to make sure your mind is not blocking you?
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When people are participating in the courses, they
- are eager to develop themselves.
- want to help their children.
- aim to break through patterns.
- want to create many life changes.
- desire to grow spiritually.

If one or more of these things appeal to you too then this is the ‘real deal’ for you and certainly one of the best empowerment courses available today.

The techniques and tools that you will learn in the courses will give you LIFE LONG BENEFITS as you can apply them to anything for the rest of your life to help you create deep changes for yourself and others.

Start your own amazing journey, take control of your life and become a certified practitioner in only 3 days.

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Manon de Jongh
Mind Detective-Manon
Passionate about teaching and facilitating healing
Master & Cert. of Science in the ThetaHealing® Modality. Teacher, healer, Animal Healer