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“I am passionate about helping others to BLOOM and SHINE.

Why would you settle for less when you can thrive?” 

Manon de Jongh


I used to be a ‘mouse’ and I used to settle for less. I felt that was the safest way to live. When I finally started to believe in myself and believed that I am more than good enough and that I deserve to thrive, I started to radiate such light that people started commenting on it and were even inspired through it. I realized that we can all sparkle when we polish the layers we believe we ‘need’ to protect ourselves from whatever we ‘think’ that is going to happen.


Why settle for less when it is so easy to create change?

Theta healingSo when I started digging in my own and other people’s lives,  I realized how programmed we all are. I was fascinated by the subconscious mind. I found the weirdest limiting programs in myself and others that we are not even aware of, just in order to keep us ‘safe’ from the things we consciously want to be or want to reach. So how can we create change and reach our intentions when we are blocking ourselves?  I found incredible satisfaction in being the detective with finding the core of the issues we were aiming to resolve and easily clear the way to truly Bloom and Shine.


When we unblock ourselves, we unleash our potential. 

I love animals and I love people. What I love the most is when they are truly happy. Can you imagine how our world could be if we all would be the best we can be?

I am very passionate about my work. I love teaching and inspiring people and unblocking others to getting happier and healthier, creating change around the world.


“Life is a splendid gift. There is nothing small about it”.– Florence Nightingale.

My gift is to help you and your loved ones change.

With love you can change anything. When you change within, you will change your life and create a better future.



What Manon can do


  • Change how you feel so that you start to Bloom and Shine and thrive in your life.
  • Clearing your past: resolving traumas, resentment, grudges, hatred
  • Changing your future: changing your beliefs, perceptions and feelings by clearing your fears, expectations, anxiety, stress and therefore what you attract and create. When you change your beliefs and feelings you will automatically change how you behave and how your perform.
  • Teach you the easy to learn life skills to reprogram your life and future for the rest of your life.



  • Change how they feel and what they believe by clearing their blocks and limitations so they can start to Bloom and Shine and unleash their highest potential to create their best possible future



  • Sense how they feel and what they believe and clear their fears and traumas to become happier and healthier. Changing their inner emotional world most likely affect how they behave as well.




  • Master in ThetaHealing®
  • Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®
  • Cert. Theta Healing® DNA2 Basic
  • Cert. Theta Healing® DNA2 Advanced
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Dig Deeper
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Intuitive Anatomy
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Manifesting & Abundance
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Rainbow Children
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Disease & Disorder
  • Cert. Theta Healing® DNA 3
  • Cert. Theta Healing® World Relations
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Game Of Life
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Animal Class
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Plant Class
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Family Ties
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Wealth Consciousness
  • Cert. Theta Healing® 7 Planes of Existence
  • Cert. Theta Healing® You & Your Significant Partner
  • Cert. Theta Healing® You & The Creator
  • Cert. Theta Healing® You & Your Inner Circle
  • Cert. Theta Healing® You & The Earth
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Basic DNA Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Advanced DNA Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Dig Deeper Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Soul Mate Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Rhythm (Weight Liberation) Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Manifesting and Abundance Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® World Relations Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Game Of Life Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Animal Class Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Plant Class Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Intuitive Anatomy Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® Rainbow Children Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® You & Your Significant Partner Instructors
  • Cert. Theta Healing® You & The Creator
  • Cert. Theta Healing® You & Your Inner Circle
  • Cert. Theta Healing® You & The Earth
  • Cert. Aura Reading & Healing
  • Animal Communication Basic
  • Animal Communication Advanced
Some pictures with Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing®

ThetaHealing Certificate of science

    Vianna Stibal and Manon de Jongh    Vianna Stibal and Manon de Jongh

I am dedicated to 
creating a better world for animals
and helping people and animals heal their lives



     “Be the love you want to see in the world” 

Manon’s version of Mahatma Gandhi’s quote.






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