• Jo


    “Rafi, my kitten, got run over, traumatized with a broken pelvis. We were almost certain he would lose his tail. Theta Healing and Manon’s care and attention facilitated nothing short of a miracle.”

  • Lut Slembrouck


    “We called Manon in the middle of the night as the cat was dying from severe carbon monoxide and the cat is still alive and kicking! Txs Manon”

  • Nivin


    “I was having issues getting my dog to calm down and go to bed. Now, getting Jubie to go to sleep is a breeze. One session, exceptional results. Thanks Manon.”

  • Janine


    “Our dog was in a lot of pain with terrible mouth ulcers. She started to improve almost immediately. 3 weeks later I have the miracle that I was hoping for.”

  • Helen


    “You were spot on about our dog. We took your advice on how to treat him. He has stopped doing his business in the house. It has worked.”

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Booking animal healing down below

Humans are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience”.

I believe that animals are spiritual beings having an animal experience. Science proved that everything in the Universe is Energy. We humans, animals, trees and plants are all made from the same ‘stuff’. We are all part of All That Is.


Animals are as emotional and sensitive as humans are.
They can feel happy, they can feel sad. They can feel loved, unloved and lonely. They suffer when they feel physical pain or when they are abandoned, left out, picked on, dumped or traumatized. They can experience joy when you give them love, cuddles and compliments. They can be shy and they can be brave. Animals have a very rich emotional world and each animal have their own personality. Most of them love being social interactive and they can bond with humans and all sorts of animals and enjoy their friendships. They can miss and mourn when their human or animal friends are no longer there.


Pet therapyImproving their environment
It is important to create the right environment for your animals to make them feel important, loved and cherished. Tell them how amazing they are, how important they are and how much you love them. They understand what you are saying and thinking. With your unconditional love you can keep your animals pretty healthy and happy. When you ‘listen’ to them and provide them with their needs, you can make them even happier and healthier.


Toxic energy
Animals can have, just like us humans, negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs, which can hold them back in their health and happiness. They are very intuitive. They can read your mind, they can feel what is coming next and just like us humans, they can create negative beliefs and feelings through their life experiences.


Even if you have treated your animals with love and care all your life, animals can still suffer from past experiences and take on negative stuff of their direct environment. Out of compassion, animals can also easily take over or act out the negative baggage of their caretakers (like stress, fears, sadness..) but they don’t know how to release themselves of this ‘toxic’ energy. 


Negative ‘energy’ can make them sick, create a physical disease or disorder and can create destructive emotional behaviour or negative reactions.


This is where healing work can make a huge difference in their emotional world, their, self esteem, their relationships, their behaviour and to their physical health.
Theta Healing clears any ‘negative’ toxic energy and boost their health and happiness.
Feel free to read more information on Animal Healing on the Animal Healing subpage. 



Long-distance healing (in English or Dutch) from wherever your animal friends are in the world. Long-distance healing is as powerful as in person.


To request a ThetaHealing for your animal friends:


1. Send me a photograph of your animal(s) (minimum one where I can look into his/her/their eyes)

2. Their names and genders

3. Any specific information on their emotional issues, problem behaviour, physical condition and treatments, use of medicine  (to get most out of the healing… be specific!!)

4. A Bank Deposit, see my contact page

After your payment is received, the remote healing will be done on Manon’s first available time.


The audio recording of the healing is informative, insightful and helpful and will be sent to you by email.



STEP 1: Send the requested information and photographs needed for the Animal Healings to  thetahealingpower@gmail.com

STEP 2: Complete your booking with a payment here 



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