Animal Healing


Long-distance healing (in English or Dutch) from wherever your animal friends are in the world. Long-distance healing is as powerful as in person.


ThetaHealing® for your Animals

ThetaHealing is an amazingly powerful energetic holistic natural life changing healing technique for body, mind and spirit. It can create instant EMOTIONAL HEALING that activates the self healing mechanism of both human and animal beings and could lead to PHYSICAL healing.


As an empathic intuitive Animal Healer & Communicator, I am able to tune into your animal friends and pick up their feelings, thoughts, emotions, fears, beliefs and traumas. I can identify what is blocking them from achieving greater health and happiness and clear and release the underlying causes of their negative behavior & emotional problems, physical disease & disorder.

I use ThetaHealing to recreate their emotional health and many times this leads to improvements of their physical health and behavior.  


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Theta Healing® helps your animal friends to clear and release: 

  • Negative feelings & beliefs
  • Fear, trauma, negative experiences
  • Pain, disease and illness


ThetaHealing® helps with (but not limited to) emotional issues/problematic

behaviour: such asCat whisperer

  • stress
  • worry
  • anxiety
  • separation anxiety
  • depression
  • nervousness
  • unhappiness
  • trust issues
  • low self-esteem
  • abandonment issues
  • ‘dirtying’ the house
  • aggressive behaviour
  • destructive habits for themselves (like biting themselves) and for you and other human and animal family members etc
  • coping with a loss of a loved one
  • coping with moving house


Releasing/resolving trauma

  • when they are rescued and or come from the pound
  • when they had traumatic experiences like abuse, being attacked by an animal or human, not getting along with their animal companions, accidents, visits to the vet, surgical procedures, etc etc


Any physical problematic condition and illness:

After releasing any stress and trauma caused by this condition, other negative emotions and beliefs causing this condition will be released in order to help them heal their body. Deep healing work on the selfhealing-condition of their body will be done on a cellular level.


When your beloved animal friend is at the end of his/her life

Through communicating with your animal loved ones during a healing session can help your animal loved one to express his/her messages and last wishes. ThetaHealing® can help him/her feel at ease, relaxed and in peace before he/she passes over.


horse healthAnimals are very receptive to healing and Theta Healing®  works very well on animals. Although there is no guarantee or promise that the healing session will achieve the desired results, animals always get levels of healing out of the healing session. Almost every time effective results have been instantly realized. For more information on how ThetaHealing® works, feel free to read the ThetaHealing® pages.




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Are you willing to
  • improve the life quality of your animal friend?
  • help create a positive change in his/her life?


Then do contact me for an Animal Healing (ThetaHealing) today!


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