Request an Animal Healing


Long-distance healing (in English or Dutch) from wherever your animal friends are in the world. Long-distance healing is as powerful as in person.



To request a ThetaHealing for your animal friends:


1. Send me a photograph of your animal(s) (minimum one where I can look into his/her/their eyes)

2. Their names and genders

3. Any specific information on their emotional issues, problem behaviour, physical condition and treatments, use of medicine  (to get most out of the healing… be specific!!)

4. A Bank Deposit, see my contact page

After your payment is received, the remote healing will be done on Manon’s first available time.


The audio recording of the healing is informative, insightful and helpful and will be sent to you by email.



STEP 1: Send the requested information and photographs needed for the Animal Healings to

STEP 2: Complete your booking with a payment here 



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