Basic DNA ThetaHealing®

with Practitioner Certification


ThetaHealing has changed the lives  

of millions of people all around the world.


‘ThetaHealing is the best Life-changing skill I have ever learned’


Basic Theta Healing course

Discover what the world is talking about.

An attainable miracle for your life…



Often we are blocked in creating what we want…
Clear limiting beliefs and deepen your intuition.

Two days, two nights investment for the rest of your life – for yourself, your children, friends, animals and clients.

  • Gain powerful, life-changing tools to hack your subconscious and reprogram limiting beliefs and feelings
  • Remove inner self-sabotaging blocks, release trauma and fears on the deepest level, breaking limiting patterns
  • Align your subconscious to call in the future you want.



are available by becoming a host! Learn in 3 days or 2 nights, 2 days



Thu 14 – Sun 17 Feb. 2019 

Duration: 2 nights, 2 days

  • Thu & Fri: 6 – 9 pm
  • Sat & Sun: 9:30 – 5 pm

Venue: 1 Kings Cross Road, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, Australia.


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What others say about the Basic Course: 
“ThetaHealing is transformational on a deeper level than all the other healing modalities I’ve tried and learned.”


More testimonials further down.


An enlightening and empowering course for personal, intuitive and spiritual development. Why settle for a life less than you are capable of living? Learning how to find and release inner blocks allows you to BLOOM and SHINE.


In a nutshell:
Your life will be controlled by what YOU allow and what YOU resist on an subconscious level until you have changed it. Unconsciously you may be blocking what you want to reach. In this course you learn powerful Mind Techniques to easily and instantly unblock and reprogram yourself to change anything in your life. You can change how you feel, boost your health and relationships, alter what you allow, attract and create in any area of your life. It is a basic life skill that should be taught in schools.


This is a quantum leap course based on universal principles.  

Learn once only and apply it for the rest of your life. 


Certifying Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Course:

Prerequisites: none. Anyone can learn these powerful and easy to learn healing techniques.
Duration: 3 days or 2 nights + 2 days
Total Investment: AU$ 595
Course Fee: AU$ 445
Registration Fee: AU$ 150 Registration fee secures your place in the course. Registration fee is non-refundable.
Includes: Vianna’s Basic DNA ThetaHealing book, ThetaHealing Practitioner’s Manual and Certification.

Flexible payment plans are available for those who need it. Just ask and email Manon.


For whom? 
This course is highly recommendable for you when you would like to improve, empower and transform yourself, your life, the lives of your children, your animals and loved ones and/or become a practitioner in only 3 days. Also great when you already are a Wellness Practitioner, Executive Business or Life Coaches to add this wonderful skill to your toolbox.


Learn amazing Mind-Tools and Techniques.
This course will change your life forever!  


With participating in this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of how limiting subconscious beliefs and feelings can block you from

  • being the person who you desire to be
  • the health you would like to have
  • the life you choose to live
  • reaching your goals and heart’s desires

You will expand your awareness and be left empowered to co-create beautiful changes. It can unlock all your potentials to transform Health, Happiness, Wellbeing, Relationships, Prosperity and Success.


Feel free view my to watch my What’s ThetaHealing – page, my video clip down below about why ThetaHealing so powerful is and Testimonials on this course at the bottom of this page.


Places are limited.

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This course is a GIFT and investment in yourself.

It is one the best life skills that you can master.

It will give you Life-Long-Returns.

Learn it once only and apply it to anything for the rest of your life.


Course outline:

  • Learn how to easily access the reprogramming Theta Brainwave State
  • Learn how to connect to the powerful ‘Energy of All That Is’
  • Experience how to instantly release stress and feel peaceful
  • Discover different methods of muscle testing
  • Find out how to identify the underlying limiting negative subconscious beliefs and feelings of an issue/problem and that are blocking you in your life
  • Learn how to access and reprogram the subconscious mind and alter your limiting subconscious beliefs and feelings into supporting ones within seconds
  • Discover how to change subconscious beliefs on all four belief levels (core, genetic, history and soul level) 
  • Learn how to instill positive feelings within seconds
  • Learn how to live without struggle, suffering, grudges, hatred, frustration, conflict, etc
  • Learn how to reprogram yourself and others for great health, joy, wonderful relationships, achieving your goals, abundance and success
  • Discover how to holistically heal on every aspect of your being
  • Gain knowledge about the Seven Planes of Existence
  • Learn how to use your intuition
  • Learn how to intuitively scan and heal a human body
  • Practice doing complete ThetaHealing® sessions
  • Learn how to perform a Guardian Angel Reading
  • Learn how to perform a Future Reading
  • Learn how to intuitively scan and heal a human body
  • Discover how to pull toxic negative energy, e.g. radiation from the body and devices
  • Learn how to balance the hormones
  • Discover how to free yourself and your clients from entities, psychic attacks, curses
  • Learn how to manifest your desires in the powerful Theta State
  • Learn how to activate your 12 strand DNA and Youth and Vitality chromosome
  • and so much more…

The ThetaHealing courses are presented according to the teachings of Vianna Stibal-Founder of ThetaHealing.


This is a Life Skill not to be missed.

After all, you are the Creator of your own life.

What would you like to attract and create in your life?



Video clip: ‘Learn how to delete struggle and suffering from your life“.


By participating in this course, you will:

  • shift your consciousness
  • be intrigued and inspired
  • become aware of what is really holding you back from achieving what you want and know how to clear these blocks
  • be empowered with the easy to learn ThetaHealing® Techniques for the rest of your life
  • fast track your personal growth and success
  • learn how to connect with the Divine
  • look and feel younger
  • feel more calm and peaceful
  • know how to resolve issues on the deepest level
  • create real change in your own life
  • know how to help and empower others creating change in their lives
  • become a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner and when you choose to you can create a worthwhile living while helping others and so much more…


For more info, contact Manon:  



TESTIMONIALS: Read and view what others say about this course:

Anita Olsen

“This has been one of the busiest, most stressful periods I’ve had in over a decade of chronic illness. I’ve eaten every kind of food that usually triggers auto-immune attacks, and had very little sleep. All these factors combined would usually result in weeks of enforced rest, in chronic pain, or seizures.

Since studying Theta Healing with Manon, I’ve used it on every area of my life with miraculous results. I’ve been able to travel overseas (unthinkable 6 months ago!), eat every kind of previously forbidden food, get back into physical activity and be a normal, vibrant person.

Prior to learning Theta, I’d worked so hard with nutrition and other energy modalities. Although they were amazing too, Theta has been the game changer. Old grief, trauma, belief systems or energies that do not serve you are swept away in an instant, in a way that goes far deeper than anything else I’ve tried.

I’ve watched it transform my family, friends and clients; my home, my business and my ability to attract positive things into my life. It’s not the only wonderful healing technique out there, but in my experience, it’s the most effective.”


Sheree Neumann

“ThetaHealing® is an essential tool for enhancing quality of life effectively and easily healing the mind and body from dis-ease and imbalance. I recommend learning the art of Theta Healing® as total body medicine.”


Alexandra Monti Ginosa:

“It is life changing. I just can’t wait to start my new journey now that Manon has taught me and share Vianna’s incredible healing technique.”


Leanne Scott: 

“ThetaHealing basic course is an incredibly powerful course allowing one to tap into their own amazing abilities of insight, intuition and energetic abilities. It truly addresses core blocking beliefs and emotions at the deepest level.  


Yvonne Martin:

Very understanding material, very easy to follow. Most exciting course I had done. I know my life will never be the same. My new life has begun. If you are searching for your life to change and have a new meaning, Do THIS COURSE!!!

Shelley Gawith:

Manon was a fantastic teacher. She was very generous with her knowledge. Manon is extremely compassionate, kind, loving teacher. She is very organised but also knows when to adjust. Manon is very perceptive to her students and what will be in their greatest good. She holds the space for healings to take place. Manon wants her students to grow and love ThetaHealing like she does. She is very encouraging of all her students.
The snacks were amazing, such a beautiful touch. Manon you have such a lovely, kind generous spirit. Your love, happiness and joy radiates from you. Such a beautiful space you created for our healings.


Belinda Wix:

This course has empowered me to fulfil my life’s purpose. Not only do I have the tools to help myself but my family, friends, clients and pets will all benefit from the gift Creator has shared with Vianna.


Belinda Martin

“I would absolutely recommend taking this course to the evolved spirits in my life without hesitation. Manon ran the Basic DNA ThetaHealing Course with grace and ease. I have much love and gratitude for the experience of this course and the transformation that it brings to the lives of Co-Creators.”


Helen Penemenos, Wild Orchid Beauty, Double Bay:

“This is a course that is a must in life, it should be second nature. This should be taught in schools before children graduate and enter into the big world as adults.


Fay, Sydney:

“Worthwhile doing, not only for healing others but also to heal yourself.”


Bonnie Jensen:

“Manon is fun and very clever and loving and knowledgeable. She is a natural-born teacher and gives so very much! We were very blessed to spend this time with her wise soul”


Josie, Sydney:

“I would highly recommend anyone do this course to open up your mind to the possibilities of how you can change your life for the best and highest good.”


Paul Fitzgerald, Sydney:

“This course offers people a different and empowering way of living life and simple methods for creating health, happiness, love, joy, abundance and whatever a person wants to create for themselves.”


Kathy Hathaway:

“It will give you more insight, it will give you abililty to make changes in your life”


Kriszta, Sydney:

“You feel relaxed, you feel empowered, you get more conscious about everything and you do believe that you can change everything you want”.


Chris, Sydney:

“I would say that totally works for me and I would advice friends and family to conduct a research”


Jo, Sydney:

“I found the course to be fun, interesting and accessible. I found the information to sit well with my other knowledge of studies and I am very excited and confident about ThetaHealing.”


Lia, Bondi Beach:

“Theta Healing is fun, accessible, effective and easily integratable into my life, health, wealth & wisdom. Manon has done a fantastic job of walking her talk with integrity and joy. She is a wonderful facilitator and agent of change.


Christina Brooks:

“This course helps you to grow personally and do understand the power of ThetaHealing. I feel I have blossomed during the course.”


Sine Dellit:

“Manon is a born teacher and her enthusiasm for the material and her experience and expertise as a ThetaHealier shines through. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in getting through personal blocks and learning or working on manifestation.”


Manon is a wonderful teacher, so knowledgeable and talented in this and teaches the techniques in a professional yet relaxed, fun and very effective way. Brilliant.”


Annette Crkovski:

“A great opportunity to explore ThetaHealing with other like-minded individuals, allowing practice to be safe and enjoyable”

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