Upcoming events in Sydney:

Thu 14 – Sun 17 Feb. 2019:
Basic DNA ThetaHealing Course (3 days): Details down below.
This course shows you how to unblock yourself. When we are blocked for certain desires, including great health, we can never get there. ThetaHealing is the best Life Changing skill I have ever learned. That is why I teach it so others can benefit for the rest of their lives too.


Wed 20 – Sunday 24 Feb. 2019:  ADVANCED ThetaHealing Course (3 days) This course will take you to the next level of ThetaHealing. With participating in this course, you will expand on your ThetaHealing skills. You will gain more knowledge and a deeper understanding of the countless possibilities with ThetaHealing. You will learn how to do healings on plants, animals, crystals, businesses, houses and more.



Please book your events in advance asap or by 30 January 2019 to secure your place and avoid disappointments.


FREE Online events with FREE healing:


Thetahealing cursussenFree events. Clear your blocks!
The Mind Detective about Money / about Relationships (for Singles) / about Health / about ThetaHealing

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For those who need it, you can arrange a payment plan. Please contact Manon to arrange your personal payment plan.


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Basic DNA ThetaHealing® course $595:  INFO
Duration: 2 nights, 2 days.

Times: 9:30 am – 5/5:30 pm

+ Course on Demand. (become a host)

Venue: 1 Kings Cross Road, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, Australia.







advanced theta(2)Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® course $595:  INFO
Duration: 2 days, 2 nights


+ Course on Demand. (become a host)

Venue: Bondi Beach / Bondi Junction area.










Game of Life ThetaHealing® course $620: INFOsuccess failure
Duration: 3 days. Times: 9:30 am – 5/5.30 pm

Course on Demand. (become a host)








I highly recommend the ‘Game of Life’- course to increase your success-rate in both your personal life and in your career/ business:
Change the ‘game’ of your life. Most ThetaHealers experience this course as one of the best and deepest ThetaHealing Courses. In this course you will clear many of your deepest blockages to enable you to have a successful life and change the ‘game’ of your life. This is highly recommendable for business people to achieve more success, but also for those who would like to reach more success in their personal life in all areas.
Prerequisite: Basic & Advanced


Love heart cellsZelfhealing-meditation ‘Your Birth Ceremony’ $20 
date TBC. Please contact me and let me know you are interested. 
This is a powerful Self-healing Meditation. I will take you on a journey in a deep meditative state of mind to the time around your birth to positively rewrite your essential worth, your state of being, your right to exist and you being acknowledged on the deepest level of your being.
Venue: TBC 




the more you practice the better you getPractice Time for TH-practitioners $20 
Date TBC. Please contact me and let me know your are interested. 
Venue: TBC





Keep an eye on this page as more upcoming course and events will be held in the near future.


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