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Transform into a successful player of the Game of Life.




  • ‘Game of Life’ Program: 7 personal consultations for you (see further down below) by Skype 
  • One on One consultations for your team members 


  • 3 full day Workshop “Game of Life” for a group of people (also on request)


are available by becoming a host! Learn in 3 days or 2 nights, 2 days


Certifying Game of Life ThetaHealing® Course:

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper
Duration: 3 days. Times: 9.30 am – 5/5.30 pm
Total Investment: AU$ 620
Course Fee: AU$ 395
Registration Fee: AU$ 225. Registration fee secures your place in the course. Registration fee is non-refundable.
Includes: Game of Life ThetaHealing® Practitioner’s Manual and Certification.

Flexible payment plans are available for those who need it. Just ask and email Manon.


TBC + on demand.


Places are limited.
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Game of Life ThetaHealing® Course:  

successYour beliefs affect your emotions, actions, attitude and performances. This practical course will help you to identify and clear your limiting negative subconscious beliefs and feelings and program yourself for SUCCESS to increase the quality of your life and your business. 





When Vianna took this course she discovered that she still had many blocks around achieving success after years of working on her self. After participating in this course she increased her business with 33% without changing her business.


This is an amazing and very important course developed by Hiroyuki Miyazaki.  He brought it to the attention of Vianna Stibal. With her permission Hiro has shared his remarkable findings and successes with the world. This phenomenal course is based on his own successes with doing practical deep healing work with many colleagues and clients removing deeply held blocks. This resulted in much greater success in both their personal life and their businesses.


Course Outline: (This is also the outline for the 8 ‘Game of Life’ Consultations Package)

In this powerful workshop you will have the opportunity to do belief work and …

Game of life Theta Healing


  • free yourself from parent obligations
  • releasing the past
  • get accepted by society
  • handle peer pressure
  • receive infinite abundance
  • get ready to succeed
  • work on your vision
  • visioning and manifestation


People who have taken this course are blown away by the amount of blocks they were able to clear. This course has a different approach and comes from a different angle than the Manifesting and Abundance course.


All the people who took this class are raving about it and experiencing instant and practical results, such as increasing their business, meeting their most compatible soul mate, improving relationships, creating abundance and success and so much more. View a wonderful testimonial of someone who took the Game Of Life Class at the bottom of this page.


If you would like to increase the quality of your personal life and your business, then the Game Of Life is for you.


Here is what other participants  say about The Game Of Life





The Game Of Life is the prerequisite for the new course DNA 4 that will come out in the near future. So if you would like to do the DNA 4 course, then you need to do The Game Of Life first.


Personal and empowering ‘Game Of Life’-Sessions: 
7 Personal and empowering sessions for you to clearing many of your beliefs that is holding you back from stepping into your power and becoming a successful player in your business and your personal life, using the 7 belief stages from the Game Of Life.

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The next Game Of Life could also be 

at your venue in your region at your desired dates. Just contact Manon.



Read and view what others say about the Game Of Life course:


Joost Dings:

Manon knows how to create a secure and pleasant environment. She has lived through the layers. This personal experience adds depth and understanding”. 



This changes your life completely for the best and highest good!!!


C.J. Weyman:

“This is life changing in the best way on so many levels of life.”



“Essential when you want to start a practice or want to make it running well “.



” The way this course is build up is clear and eliminates deep intractable beliefs out of your system. Basic, powerful and inspiring.”



“Amazing tool to manifest your dreams! Goes very deep”/Geweldig middel voor het realiseren van je dromen! Gaat heel diep.”


Ellen Gille:

“A must for being successful and a layout for every other part of my life. This is a course which continuous goes on.”



“Great course, essential for success.”






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