Healing your children


shynessIs your child happy? Healthy?

Or is your child 

  • Shy? Timid? Insecure?
  • Stressed?
  • Afraid? Anxious?
  • Sick? Suffering from a physical condition?

Healing can shift their inner world and therefore their outer world.



Little things can become big things over time.

How many of us are still affected by our childhood experiences? Best is to help your children right now so they can shift and benefit from it straight away and also for the rest of their lives.  The way they feel will affect their behavior and their performances and therefore what they can achieve in their lives.



how to overcome shynessChildren up to the age of 7 are naturally in a Theta State. They absorb their environment and life experiences as a sponge. Because they are so open and receptive to their parents, energetically they take on many beliefs and feelings of their parents and anyone who makes an impression on them.


For instance, if your child has taken on your subconscious beliefs like “Life is hard”, “I am not good enough”, “I am not important”, “I have to sacrifice myself”, “I learn through struggle” and you change those negative limiting beliefs into supporting ones in your subconscious with ThetaHealing, then these beliefs will be automatically changed within your child as well.


confidenceIf you in your childhood have subconsciously taken on the belief “I will never amount to anything” and your child have subconsciously taken that on from you, you can imagine what an impact it will have on your child’s life when you remove this limiting belief from your child’s belief system through the healing on you. The healing on you will impact you and your child.


Every time when you, as a parent, receive ThetaHealing® and negative beliefs are changed into positive ones, the belief system of your childre will change too. When you heal, your child will heal too. When you free yourself from deeply held blockages, you automatically remove the same blockages within your child if your child has taken these on.


When you change your beliefs and feelings,

you change your life and you change your future

and you automatically change

the life and the future of your child.


When children heal and they are put back in the environment that made them sick, they can get sick again if the environment is still the same.


Children are very receptive to healing and respond well to healing 
Even with sickness, diseases and illnesses, they can easily improve because they are open to it and generally will not block the healing.


You as a parent, however, may be so tied into your child’s problem, that you might unconsciously block the healing.  Beliefs like “My child will never heal from this disease, nothing can help my child” will block the healing. With ThetaHealing®, we can clear these blockages.


Healing directly and indirectly on your children
Healing on very young children will be done through the parents. When children have the age that they can really talk about their feelings, then the healing can be done directly on the child as well. Since you, as a parent are the direct environment for your child, it is important to eliminate blockages and limitations through Theta Healing® as well to create the best environment for your child to heal.


When you, as a parent change, the environment for your child changes and thus your child will change.


Freeing yourself from limitations

allows and enables you and your child

to be healthy, happy and the best you both can be.



Healing sessions directly with your children
self image

To help your children, you can choose for a Quantum Being or a ThetaHealing® session for them. Quantum Being is more of a self-healing method where I will guide them in a visualization process. For more info, click here on Quantum Being. Special rates for children.  


In a ThetaHealing® session, I will do most of the work as a change-facilitator by asking them questions and finding their blocks. Feel free to read the other Theta pages on how Theta Healing® works.


I love helping you and your children to BLOOM and SHINE.



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