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I love ‘Pure’/ Solarstrips and ‘Powerstrips.’  I use the Powerstrips myself and I use also Marine Phytoplankton (that is in ‘Pure’ and in Solarstrips). I highly recommend Pure and the Powerstrips for animals as well. When you edify the body with proper nutrition, it can create miracles. See the testimonials of the results with it for animals down below.



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Note on Powerstrips:

In order to have the powerstrips working, you need to shave the fur as it has to be on bare skin so the skin can absorb the powerful nutrients in it. For animals you can use a full Powerstrip wherever you need it. But of course, if the animal is little, like a mouse, you just cut it small. There is no restriction on it. The nutrients are evenly spread in the products so each piece you cut is empowering for your loved ones.



PURE TESTIMONIALS – people having used Pure for their animals:


“My Maggie (golden retriever) came back with very inflamed gums after being cared for by friends whilst Sandy and I were away sharing our story and products. So gave her PURE and a SOLAR STRIP also and within 2 days, her gums were back to their healthy pink colour…….”



“About 3 months ago, Jazz 8 yr old Maltese /Jack russel cross.. had blood in her urine, I took her to the Vet! they told me that she had a UTI (Urinary Track Infection) and her Enzymes seemed a little high, but! that could be due to the infection, also they noted that she had Crystals in her kidney.. they prescribed Anti-Biotics for the infection for twice a day and special Dog Biscuits for the Crystals in her kidney. I thought these biscuits must of contained gold in them, for the price of them :0( ok so we start treating Jazz, after 2 weeks returning to the vet for her check up.
Results from yet another pile of tests proved that Jazz still had her infection and crystals :0( but also noted her enzymes had also increased considerably not decreased..
So it was highly recommended that Jazz have an ultra sound scan to see what was happening inside Jazz.
It showed several Noggules in her Liver and Mass on her Spleen, to which they biopsied, sent it for testing, to note that this visit was originally quoted at $300 for the scan the Biopsy increased this visit to $918 the results came back (also picture below) essentially INCONCLUSIVE. the vet stating we will have to remove her spleen, she can live without it.. BUT!! could not answer the question??? Is this Cancer???
The Dilemma to decide on the right path to take.
I told the Vet I was undergoing a kitchen renovation at the time and the house was definitely not a place to bring a dog to after a surgery if she actually survived it at all that is!! they did say she was at a risk here too.. so to be honest this weighed heavily on me.. surgery could Save Her and Kill her frown emoticon If it is Cancer? will this surgery just give the possible cancer the air to spread!!?? questions that could not be answered easily..
My decision was to put my faith in Marine Phytonplankton ( Pure ) I gave Jazz her Vet prescribed Mediation and her special food. But every Morning and Night I also gave Jazz a full Dropper of PURE straight into her mouth.. for the next 6 weeks.. after this we returned to the Vet, took urine test and it showed no infection nor crystals present.. As for the Noggules and Spleen I have decided not to put Jazz through any surgery.. I have no Medical Evidence to show whether Jazz still has the Mass or Noggules!
BUT!! what I can tell you from my point of view is that JAZZ no longer looks sick to me, AT ALL…
She runs around with an abundance of energy most of the day.. she is HAPPY her tail wags so much and looks so healthy..
So I hope that if you have a sick pet you may try and give them this amazing PURE too.. It is said that if the body has all the nutrients it needs it will HEAL itself!!! PURE Does”



POWERSTRIP TESTIMONIALS – people having used Powerstrips for their animals:

Debbie: We have just shaved a doberman who has chronic skin rash and is constantly itchy, the patch went on today and she has stopped sooking altogether for the first time in days, She seems more comfortable.


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