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Rates consultation & Packages

Healing Consultation: $175 per hour

Animal Healing:  $175 per hour


Specials and Packages down below.

More suitable rates for pensioners and those who are financially limited can be arranged.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Manon.


The Healings are free!

As the facilitator, I am charging for my time and expertise only.


LONG-DISTANCE healing consultations by Skype available from any place in the world. 

LONG-DISTANCE Animal Healings from wherever your animal friends are in the world.


ThetaHealing POWER Gift Vouchers cropped  Gift Vouchers are available 
An easy way to give someone something special.  

Help them to boost their health and happiness.

It is so much more than just a gift.

Email Manon to order your Gift Voucher



4 x 75 min. First Step Package, including pre- and post work  (300 min. total)

The more you work on yourself, the greater results you can achieve.

60 min. Adult Consultation, additional consultation to First Step Package $175
30 min. Consult.Child/Teen up to 18 years $87.50
60 min. Consult. Child/Teens up 18 years $175
4 x 75 min. ‘Rhythm’ Program, additional package after completing First Step Package,
including pre- and post work (300 min. total)LOVING YOUR BODY, FOOD & LETTING GO OF EXCESS WEIGHTSpecial program of 4 sessions to reprogram your subconscious mind

  • for loving yourself and your body,
  • improving your relationship with food, reprogramming your mind
  • for making healthy choices and allowing your body to release weight.
  • One secret to the program is that you will learn how to exercise without exercising
7 x 75 min. ‘Game of Life’ Program’, additional package to Basic Package
including pre- and postwork (525 min. total)BOOST YOUR SUCCESS RATE IN BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LIFE:Clearing 7 stages of your beliefs around success and stepping into your power,from parental patterns to becoming the driver of your life: info here

  • freeing you from obligations towards your parents
  • releasing you from the past
  • getting accepted by society
  • handling peer pressure
  • receiving infinite abundance
  • getting ready to succeed
  • working on your vision
  • visioning and manifestation



60 min. Animal Healing.

A link to the audio recording of all animal healings will be sent to by email

45 min. Follow up Animal Healing $131.25
30 min. Follow up Animal Healing $87.50


ThetaHealing Courses on request:

Private Group Teaching on request (min 4 – 6 persons, depending on location). Please email Manon to inquire.


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