Why is it important to change my subconscious beliefs?

Why is it important to change my subconscious beliefs?

Science has proved that your subconscious mind is running more than 95% of your life. When you make a decision, you make that decision consciously for only 5% maximum, the rest of your decision (95%) is controlled by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is running the show and has power over you and your life. Most of the subconscious beliefs you are not even aware of. Positive … [Read more...]

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Are you happy? Are you healthy?
You can change your Points of Attraction and Creation with Mind Programming through ThetaHealing®.

What MESSAGES are you sending out subconsciously? What are you attracting and creating in your life? Know that you are like a magnet. You attract the circumstances and conditions that match the energy that you are transmitting. You have the power to change anything! What would you choose to attract and create in your life?

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FREE INFORMATION NIGHT: an evening in June . 7-9 pm TBC Registering is essential !
Basic TH® Course: $550
Thurs. eve 12 June, Fri eve 13 June, Sat 14 june (daytime) and Sun 15 June (day time).
Advanced TH® Course: $575
Thurs. eve 26 June, Fri eve 27 June, Sat 28 june (daytime) and Sun 29 June(day time).
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Courses: LIFE LONG BENEFITS Learn ThetaHealing®, become a practitioner in only 3 days and take control of your life!
Learn once only and
apply for the rest of your life.

Manon de Jongh
Passionate about teaching and healing
Master & Cert. of Science in the ThetaHealing® Modality.
Healing sessions via SKYPE in the comfort of your home or at Manon's.
Healings for your children.
Business & Management Healing to raise Performances & Success rate.
Remote Healings for your Animals.
Teaching you the Theta® Life skill.

®= Trademarks of Nature Path Inc
Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing®.

Much gratitude to the Creator for all the healings and to Vianna for sharing her miraculous healing technique with the world. I am amazed with the miracles I see when working with this powerful energy. ThetaHealing® is not just a healing tool but a basic life skill that I feel it should be taught in schools before you start creating your life.
You too can learn how to change your points of attraction and creation and therefore your life.
Book a healing session
with Manon in Sydney or from wherever you are in the world.
(Long Distance!)
People: 1 hr $ 135
Animals: 1 hr $ 117
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Soul Healing Program:
Theta Weight Loss Program
Secrets to releasing weight.
Coming to you!
Manon is also available to teach your group ThetaHealing® in YOUR COUNTRY, Region, Venue or Home! Contact Manon via email to get a special deal
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in Villa Vijf 33 in Vijfhuizen (NL):
GRATIS Informatie avond: Een avond in het najaar , 19.30 - 21.30
Basic TH® Course: €400
Vrijdag - Zondag in 't najaar
Advanced TH® Course: € 400
Vrijdag - Zondag in 't najaar
Game of Life TH® Course: € 400
Vrijdag-Zondag in 't najaar
en nog meer.........
In de nabije toekomst zullen de volgende cursussen in NL gegeven worden: Basic, Advanced, Game of Life, Manifestatie en Overvloed, Rainbow Children, Rhythm to a Perfect Weight (Afvallen), Zielsmaatjes, Dieren, Planten, Intuitieve Anatomie, Ziektes en Aandoeningen, DNA3, Wereld Relaties, etc. De meeste cursussen hebben als vooropleiding de Basis en de Advanced.
Voor meer informatie over de geplande cursussen zie detreffende data in de Agenda www.villavijf33.nl

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