The Power of Theta Healing

The Power of Theta Healing


What is it that you would like to change in your life?

In what areas would you like to get better?

The deepest causes of the problems and issues you have in your life are your underlying negative subconscious beliefs and feelings.

During a Theta Healing session, you can work on a problem or issue, that you would like to resolve. During ‘the digging process’ (a questioning process) we can identify the underlying subconscious beliefs and negative feelings of the problem/issue which are causing your problem in the first place. With muscle testing (kinesiology) we can test the related blocking beliefs and feelings that are sabotaging your life.

With Theta Healing, we can access the subconscious mind in the powerful Theta State (a slow meditative brainwave) and release you from your deeply held limiting negative feelings and beliefs and replace them with positive feelings and beliefs.

Dare to bloom fully and live your full potential

The results of a Theta Healing can be verified using muscle testing again to see if the negative beliefs and feelings are changed into positive ones. Clearing blocks will allow you to attract positive life experiences and start living the life you love (Law of attraction).

Theta Healing is a very gentle and relaxing though powerful holistic energetic healing modality. Theta Healing works on all 4 levels at the same time; the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level. This is important because everything is interconnected. For example

  • with every illness, there are underlying negative emotions, feelings and negative subconscious beliefs which need to be healed
  • with every emotional trauma, there are also physical imprints or side-effects on a cellular level and negative beliefs, which need to be healed
  • with every negative subconscious belief, there are traumas and negative experiences involved which need to be healed

When you heal only one part of your ‘whole’ being, you have done only part of the healing job. It is important to heal on all levels to prevent re-creating problems or issues related to the problem you have worked on.

The possibilities with Theta Healing are endless. Theta Healing can help you with ANY problem in any area of your life: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career, Finances, Success, Happiness, Self esteem and overall Wellbeing.

We all deserve to live happy, healthy and successful lives.

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Manon de Jongh

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