ThetaHealing® has transformed millions of lives all around the world healing serious physical and emotional health issues to achieving wealth and success.


ThetaHealing® can help you with

(but is not limited to)



  • Helping to resolve diseases and physical conditions
  • Release pain
  • Clearing blocks that allows the body to heal itself 
  • Helping letting go of addictions
  • Releasing weight with simple tricks and keeping it off. This is a brand new ‘Theta Weight Loss’ program; Get your perfect body weight without having to follow a diet!


depression, anxiety, fears, stress


  • Feeling happier and empowered
  • Healing deep emotional issues including trauma and abuse in your life
  • Releasing resentments, regrets, grudges and guilt
  • Building self-esteem and self confidence
  • Dissolve limitations and addictions
  • Releasing stress
  • Resolving depression
  • Eliminating fears and anxiety
  • Releasing blocks around Weight issues



Relationships relationship, soul mate

  • Improving your relationships with yourself and others
  • Attracting better relationships
  • Clearing blockages for attracting a soul mate




Goals and Dreams:

  • Improving your performances to support your goals and dreams
  • Identifying and clearing blockages to achieving your goals and manifest your dreams

money, success, law of attraction



  • Releasing any fears of burdens of success
  • Clearing blockages around money and success
  • Improving your role in your professional life




  • Building relaxation and inner peace
  • Improves stronger connections with your higher self and with Source “The Creator of All That Is” (God, Buddha, The Universe, Source, Infinite Intelligence…whatever you want to name the Divine)


Theta Healing can help you with any problem.


Wouldn’t it be great

  • to have more success in your life?
  • to feel calm and peaceful?
  • to feel loved, happy and fulfilled? 
  • to be healthy, energetic, courageous and full of spirit?


Wouldn’t it be great

  • to attract the right people in your life?
  • to improve your relationships?
  • to attract your most compatible soul mate?
  • to have abundance in your life and live successfully?


reaching goalsWould you like to

  • feel better?
  • resolve your issues?
  • eliminate health problems?
  • become stronger and healthier?
  • start creating a happy, healthy and successful life?



ThetaHealing® brings you in the allowance to creating the life you love. 

Are you ready for creating change in your life?


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