Body Mind Food Weight – Rhythm Program


With the Body Mind Food Weight – ‘Rhythm’ Program you can utilize the power of your mind to support your weight loss journey. When you are blocked for releasing weight, you can never reach this goal.


Discover special Theta Weight Loss Secrets.

  • No more expensive diets
  • No more weekly meetings
  • No more wasting time.


Discover how easy it is to unblock and support yourself



Learn once

and apply for the rest of your life.


The Body Mind Food Weight – Rhythm Program:

Special program of 4 sessions to clear issues around holding on to excess weight, bringing your body and your subconscious mind into the allowance to release weight, reprogramming your subconscious mind for loving yourself and your body, making healthier choices and improving your relationship with food, and suggestions of highly recommendable supplements to cleanse your body from body fat and toxins. One secret to the program is that you will learn how to exercise without exercising. 


Most people think losing weight is all about diet and exercise

but when you know the Theta secrets

that fools the body into thinking it is exercising anytime you want

then you will know how easy it is to look


losing weight


The Rhythm program is

a new, easy and fun way to release weight

without having to change your diet

when applying the Theta Weight Loss Tactics

that Manon will teach you.


Lots of people hold on to weight subconsciously.

Their negative subconscious beliefs are blocking them.


The subconscious mind has power over the body

for more than 95 %. It controls your heart beat,

digestive system, hormones etc.

Your subconscious mind sends out messages to your body and tells it what to do.

With the Body Mind Food Weight – Rhythm Program you will clear your blocks

that stops your body to let go of excess weight.


ThetaHealing will re-program your subconscious mind

to finally support your conscious desires.

This will allow your body to release weight and keep the weight off.



Love your body

Love your life



Although it is recommendable to exercise 30 minutes a day

to keep your body fit and healthy

many of us have too busy life styles

to take the extra time to do more exercise.


With the Theta Rhythm Tactics

you give the body the workout it needs

without having to make the effort.


The program helps you to release weight

in a natural and healthy way.

It will also support your digestive and lymphatic system


Say goodbye to diets!

Only 4 steps to take.

No restrictions

Keep your life style.


You will benefit from the secret that Manon will tell you for the rest of your life.



You can sign up and start from anywhere in the world!


Only 1 phone call to make

Make your booking now.

Get your perfect body weight




The Body Mind Food Weight – Rhythm sessions

will allow your self to create the body you love.



Sophia:  “ThetaHealing has changed my life!”


Sophia BEFORE the Theta Weight Loss Program

Sophia AFTER: 10 kilos lighter in only 8.5 weeks with the Theta Weight Loss Program













TESTIMONIAL RYTHM PROGRAMsessions done via skype


Sophia, Australia:

My name is Sophia, I am 15 years old, soon to be 16. I experienced years of bullying at school because of my weight, I have always been very tall for my age and my weight wasn’t helping the situation at all. I had very low self-esteem and really wasn’t happy with the way I looked, I tried numerous diets, but all failed. We all know when you start a diet, you have to stick to it forever, stop and you will gain all the weight back. of course everyone has a different body shape, and I know I will always be a curvy lady, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, I was over weight and being over weight is never fun nor healthy. With the Theta healing I received I have lost 10 kg in 8,5 weeks without making a dramatic change to my lifestyle. The theta healing taught me how to chose the right foods, and without even realizing it I have started to buy that delicious looking Fruit salad instead of the bag of chips. 8.5 weeks ago I would have without a doubt bought the bag of chips. Besides choosing the right foods I also feel much more confident and happy about myself and about my life. I think about my future everyday and make new plans every minute. I noticed a huge difference in my spiritual awareness as well, I care more about the world, such as; war, poverty, starvation and the destruction of our very own earth, I have a great passion for music and the way I write music has changed, my songs have much more life in them. I have also noticed a change in the way friends behave, they have started to see me as an ‘inspiration’, many of my friends have come up to me and told me I have changed their lives and that I always look on the bright side of things, many have asked me how I did it. And the answer is simply Theta Healing!
It has changed my life, after years of being put down, picked on, laughed at and under-estimated I finally have the courage and strength to be myself. Thank you Manon de Jongh for filling my world with love, excitement, awareness and bravery.

The latest news is that Sophia has released 18 kilos in 18 weeks!


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