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The healing is very relaxing as you sit in a chair opposite the practitioner, answer questions and receive the healing in the comfort of your own home via a “skype” or phone consultation from wherever you are in the world or in person.


If you don’t have a skype account yet, it is easy to create one. Click on download skype to create an account. To make an appointment for your consultation, always email me first.



The process of ThetaHealing is amazingly simple.

In a ThetaHealing® session you are invited to talk about what you are not happy about in your life. The healing is a sort of a meditation process with a holistic approach that guides you through difficult issues in a very gentle and subtle way. It is a comfortable way to put you in a lighter space and heal you and your life.


Many clients experience instant healings. With others, healings unfold over time and are a starting point for change. Sometimes you need a series of sessions to clear all the blockages.


ThetaHealing® enables you to live your life with more lightness and a greater sense of wellbeing.


holistic healingA Theta Healing session® is in no way intended to replace regular medical treatment, replace medical advise, or even make a diagnosis. If you are having symptoms of illness or issues of any nature, please seek medical attention.


Healing works best when you take action. If you choose to seek medical treatment as your part of the action, you can combine this with ThetaHealing® and it may help you with the healing process. We have experienced great physical results with ThetaHealing® as well. 


There is no guarantees that ThetaHealing® will heal you or cure you. Please do not rely upon this service as the only treatment you receive.



How do I prepare for my session?

healthDrink plenty of water, before, during and after the session. Hydration is needed to be able to do ‘muscle testing’ of your subconscious beliefs (applied kinesiology).Be clear on what is not working in your life and on what issue you would like to work on during the session (and think about how your issue has been serving you or what you have learned from this issue so far).

It is important to have the intention of wanting positive change and that you are really committed to change and ready to heal.




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