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Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing, was diagnosed with cancer in her right femur. The doctors had told her she was going to die and her best option was to amputate her leg to give her 3 more months to live. With an instant healing, Vianna healed herself from cancer.


Sickness is just a sign that the body is out of balance.

Theta Healing is able to re-balance it.


I would like to share with you a few successes in my practice. The following storiesare just a few examples of the many amazing experiences I had with ThetaHealing. Every time I am in awe with the miracles I see with ThetaHealing and I feel very grateful to be part of these successes. I feel truly blessed being able to help people heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I love helping people and animals boost their health and happiness.

Life is truly magical as we can create the life we truly love. 


Here are a few amazing healing stories.

To your Health and Happiness!



back pain

With my Human Clients:


A businessman came to me with excruciating back pain that had been recurringover a year. In the last year he  received several treatments from a chiropractorbut without getting any effective result. He came to me for a Theta Healing sessionto heal his back. In one session his back pain was completely gone. In the following 4 weeks he kept on texting me how grateful he was with having no pain at all.




anxietyI did a few Theta Healing sessions over the Skype with a girl on the other side of the world. Her anxiety left, her despair resolved, her self esteem improved; she felt stronger, more balanced, lighter and happier.





I worked with a mother and her teen aged son. She told me that the whole dynamic between her and him has drastically improved after doing healing work only with her. After I had done a Theta Healing session with her son, his relationship with his father and brother who are living in another house was completely turned around. Before the healing session, he resented both of them deeply and didn’t want to see them anymore. After the healing he all of a sudden started spending time with them and now is in completely in bliss with it.


A woman came to me with pins and needles in the upper parts of her body. In the first few minutes of the healing session the pain left her body completely.


fearsI worked on a lady with adrenal fatigue. The week after that healing she told me that she had the best week ever since that year. She felt much more energized and she could finally sleep again the whole night through.


A business woman wanted to get rid of her being overwhelmed with tears with almost every film or television program she watched. She felt pretty embarrassed about it. After one Theta Healing session she can now watch television without being overwhelmed for the first time in her life.


A shy woman, who started a new business felt very uneasy with people she had not met before. After the healing she noticed straight away that she had a smile on her face and she was looking into the eyes of all the strangers on the streets she ran into without any restraint. Only then she felt really ready to be working with clients.


anxietyA woman felt deeply sad because her husband didn’t romance her anymore. After one healing session working on her issues, she noticed that her husband started to slightly flirt with her again.


A woman had early childhood experiences with poverty. In her marriage she had some money problems and she became very insecure, worried all the time and felt pretty unsafe. Theta Healing helped her to release her childhood trauma, let go of her worries and she now feels much lighter.


depressionA woman had a fear of the unknown, felt blocked and was afraid to move forward in life. Her issues were entangled with her parents’ issues. After the healing she had more trust in herself and felt free to move forward in her own unique way and at her own pace.



With my Animal Clients:

A cat was pretty quiet and withdrawn. In the healing, while communicating  with the cat, I found out that the cat was depressed because he felt  unworthy. After the Theta Healing he seems to be happier and started to socialize much more with his human family.


A dog ‘dirtied’ in the house. In the healing I discovered that he had some specific emotional issues. After working on these emotional blocks, the dog stopped his bad habit instantly.


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