Science validates the Power of Beliefs and Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind (videos)



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Science validates the Power of Beliefs

Everything in the Universe is made of energy. Your body is energy and it is influenced by energy. Recent groundbreaking scientific cellular studies validates that our thoughts, feelings, emotions and conscious & subconscious beliefs are all energy and is constantly affecting and directing all areas of our lives, including our physical body

(Reference Bruce Lipton’s You Tube video 2nd down below and Bruce Lipton’s website:



Interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Pt.1

The deepest causes of the problems you have in your life

are your underlying negative subconscious beliefs and feelings.


How did I get all these programming in my mind?

Everything that you have experienced in your life and other times has been registered within your mind. Messages from your parents, your ancestors, your teachers, your friends, the media, your surroundings and everyone with whom you have associated, have all made their deep impressions. All your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and life experiences have created subconscious beliefs and feelings (programs) and have resulted in the person that you are today. Your brain has programmed you in the way you think, behave and perform and what you believe. Your subconscious mind is running most of your life.


Why is it important to reprogram my subconscious mind?

Not all programming is positive. People can make negative remarks and be critical and cynical. This can create negative feelings and subconscious beliefs. Your subconscious does not know what is good for you and merely functions autopilot based on the programming in your mind. These negative programs you acquired, such as

I am not good enough

” I will never amount to anything”

 can harm you and need de-programming.  Holding on to negative emotions and beliefs can keep you stuck in patterns and can create all sorts of problems that are messing up your life. It can also create diseases, illnesses and physical disorders. Think about how stress can create ulcers in the body. 

Although you can consciously use positive thoughts, affirmations and feelings to improve your health and happiness, it is the underlying subconscious negative beliefs that can keep you from your desired outcome.

Negative beliefs will attract negative experiences and positive beliefs will attract positive experiences (law of attraction). Life gives you those experiences that match your feelings and beliefs.


e.g. You will never get rich if your beliefs are:

“I have to be poor”

“I hate money”

“Money is the root of all evil”


As long as you don’t clear those negative emotions and beliefs, you will keep on creating and attracting negative experiences and reactions. Your belief-system has power over you and your life.


Why is reprogramming your subconscious mind

more powerful and effective than positive thinking?

In the following video clip Bruce Lipton explains how the subconscious mind works and how it is ‘running the show’.



Cell Biologist and Author Bruce Lipton talks about the subconscious mind.

The Subconscious mind is running your life for 95% minimum.

Positive thinking influences your life for only 5 % max.

Reprogramming your subconscious mind positively is much more

powerful and effective than positive thinking.



How can I rewrite the programs in my subconscious mind?

To create a wonderful life it is very important to release negative feelings such as fears, traumas, regrets, resentment, grudges and so on and to rid yourself of your negative programs and change them into positive ones in order to allow yourself to attract positive life experiences. ThetaHealing® gives you the choice and the power to change these negative beliefs and reprogram your subconscious mind in an instant.


The healing will also automatically work on your parents and at least 3 generations of your descendants. When you heal yourself, your children will also benefit from that.



Bruce Lipton on ‘Re-writing the programs of your life’

Interview with Dr. WayneDyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Pt.1

Bruce Lipton on Rewriting the Programming of your Life



brain power

Your brain is incredibly smart.

Your brain has the ability to rapidly download a huge amount of behaviors and beliefs into your memory. Children in the age of 2-6 are mostly in a ‘Theta’ Brainwave state. This low frequency brainwave is a programmable state. That is why the children at this age are capable to download an incredible volume of information. Most of your programs are formed in your childhood and are still affecting and controlling you in your life.


You are totally programmable

You are programmed in the way you think, feel, believe, behave and perform through your own perceptions of your life experiences but also genetically through your ancestors. Your subconscious mind is a powerful information processor that runs its programs autopilot and controls more than 95% of your life.


 power of the mindNot all programs are serving and supporting you in reaching your desired goals. You can not change your programs by talking to it. You are stuck with your patterns and programs until you access your subconscious mind to change these negative and limiting hard wired programs.



ThetaHealing® can rewrite your programs in a flash. ThetaHealing® is simple, fast and very effective. Instead of multi therapy sessions clearing your emotional and mental blocks, ThetaHealing® eliminates deeply held limiting programs such as


I am afraid of success

and replace that with

I love success

I know how to be successful

I am worthy and deserving of success

I know what it feels like to be successful

“I allow myself to be successful”

“It is safe to be successful”

within a few seconds.

‘Higher performing mind’ – Tool

You are master of your fate and not victims of your genes and programs. You can also learn this ‘Higher Performing Mind’ – Tool to reprogram your subconscious mind for greater performances in order to reaching your desires in any area of your life.


 With the ‘Higher Performing Mind’ ThetaHealing® technique

you can change what is blocking you today

and change your life forever.


Good Health, Satisfying Relationships,

Greater performances, Career, Weight Loss

Happiness, Abundance, Success and more

The key to life - a higher performing mind tool

 The Theta Mind Programming Tool

is the key to creating your life.

ThetaHealing® empowers you to use your full potential 

in any area of your life.

Are you ready for more success in your life?


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