The other day I had a conversation with a person who loved his life style, but was fed up with living on the edge, financially speaking. He told me that he has had a proper education, loved his free lance work and was proud of not being in the ‘rat-race’ like most people. He felt totally free of any commitments but at the same time he felt that he ‘should’ have a house by now, a proper income, etc . He resented the fact that his brother was rich.

I told him that he might have some subconscious beliefs around wealth that is blocking him from attracting money and being wealthy. It raised his interest in the subject and asked me what I meant. I mentioned a few blocking beliefs around money and wealth. I told him that he might have beliefs like

“The rich are arrogant”  “Money is the root of all evil”

Straight away he responded that he does believe that and that it really IS true. He studied it and he told me that all the rich are corrupt, that money is indeed the root of all evil and that all the rich ARE arrogant.

I smiled. I told him that such beliefs are blocking him from attracting money in the first place. He will probably hate money too.  According to his belief system, he would be corrupt and arrogant if he would become rich and that of course he doesn’t want to be that. So it feels safer for him to be poor. You attract what you believe!

I told him that it really is not true that all the rich are arrogant and corrupt and that money is the root of all evil. Money is just energy. It is a piece of paper with some ink on it. You can do with it whatever you want. The more you have, the more you also can give.

On top of these negative limiting beliefs he has regrets of not having had build up his finances by now and he resents his brother for being rich. Resentment, regrets, rejections and grudges are very low energetic vibrations that can block you from anything you would like to attract into your life related to the topic. If he would free him self from these negative emotions and negative limiting beliefs he would unblock himself from attracting money and allow himself to become wealthier.

He also mentioned that he believes that “he has to work hard for his money”. My response to that was that if the right opportunity comes along, it is possible to earn a lot of money with only little effort.

Some people have fears around Success because in the past they may have experienced that being successful is not save. Reasons why they would believe that “It is not safe to be successful’ could be that all their wealth has been taken away in the past (“If I am rich, everybody will take it”) or that their loved ones were jealous of their wealth (“If I am rich, people don’t like me) or that they felt guilty for being wealthy when they compared themselves with the poor.

When we clear all our negative limiting subconscious beliefs and resolve our negative emotions around Wealth, Money & Success, such as fears and traumas, our resentments, grudges, hatred and regrets, we allow our selves to attract money and become rich.

There is enough abundance in the Universe for everyone. It is just about what we allow ourselves to attract in our lives. Our powerful mind must be unblocked to unlock our highest potentials.

I know what I choose to have in my life: Abundance on ALL levels in ANY area in my life. What would you choose? From all the goodies in life, what have you attracted into your life so far ?

I have done my share of changing my limiting subconscious beliefs and feelings around the subject. Life is truly amazing as we can co-create the life we choose to have.

To your Wealth & Success. Cheers!

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