Weight Loss:Releasing weight WITHOUT changing your diet??

Weight Loss:Releasing weight WITHOUT changing your diet??

WHAT???? Have you lost weight?? Oh my goodness. I am SOOO sorry. Where did you lose it? Do you remember where you were when you could have lost it? Did you go back for it to find it?? When was the last time you saw it? I hope you will find it back. I am sure your body will do its best to find it back. Only then you are ‘complete’ again!

Ha ha!! Yeah, you must know that words have power. Your subconscious mind is an incredible powerful thing!! Do you know that your subconscious mind runs your life for more than 95 % ?? Science had proved that! Your subconscious has control over you, your life and what goes on in your body. It is a pity that your subconscious doesn’t know what is good for you and what you ‘consciously’ desire. It doesn’t know that you are actually happy that you have ‘lost’ the extra love handles. Your subconscious has programs for the words ‘loss’ and ‘lose’ and so whatever you have ‘lost’, it will do its best to find it and get it back for you. It’s job is just running your programs (just like a computer). It’s task is to keep you ‘safe’ !! Your subconscious mind will make sure that you will get what your believe (subconsciously: > 95 % of your mind).

So there you go, after your long battle of ‘losing’ weight, you will put back the extra pounds again. So many people struggle with that. I know what that feels like, it used to be the story of my life!  So frustrating. Releasing weight is one thing, but KEEPING IT OFF is another thing!!

Besides that, I felt it was (A) very limiting to having to stick to a strict diet; the attraction to food made it even greater. (and B) Mixing my busy social life with my diet limitations was even worse. Temptation was around every corner. I am a free spirit and limitations just doesn’t work for me.

Anyway…the good news.. there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am very excited to share this really amazing news with you.  There is a new “Weight Liberation” program on the market that allows you to ‘liberate’ you from excess weight WITHOUT changing your diet. No limitations means no frustrations. You can keep your life style and still get closer to your ‘perfect’ body weight. Wouldn’t that be great to release weight and keep on having FUN ?

This new program began with Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing. She wanted to get healthier by shedding some kilos. But with her life style, traveling around the world teaching Theta Healing in many countries, it was a difficult task to follow the old way of releasing weight : 1. Following a diet.. .and 2. getting the exercise you need. So she created a program that is fun and easy to follow without limitations. Vianna has proofed in several years time that this new way of saying goodbye to the extra kilos really works! She herself and her family members and hundreds of other people following her new ‘Weight Liberation” program released thousands of pounds of excess weight without changing their diet.

One of the most important part is clearing your blocks around releasing weight through Theta Healing. When your subconscious doesn’t feel safe to let go of your excess weight, it will just hold on to it. It could be, for instance, that it knows that with releasing weight you feel sexier. Feeling more sexy means that you will likely attract someone to you. But when you have subconscious programs like ‘Love hurts’ or ‘I am overweight to avoid the attention from the opposite sex’, or ‘I am safe and protected being overweight’, your subconscious will keep your safe by blocking you from releasing weight. There are many other limiting subconscious programs that can block you from reaching your goal weight. I won’t mention them all.

With these new Theta Weight Liberation Program, we can enter you subconscious mind and release you from your blocks around letting go of excess weight through the power of Theta Healing. We can then reprogram your subconscious mind. This will actually allow your body to release the excess weight. The program has a few other secret tricks that will help you to let go of the extra weight. You will laugh when you are doing the program because you know it is just ‘tricking’ your body. You will discover how easy it is to become thinner and feel more beautiful.

For more information and joining the program, please visit my webpage http://www.thetahealingpower.com.au where you can click on the program for more information.

This program is totally NEW in Australia. It is FUN and EASY. It is perfect for men and women, boys and girls of any age, and also for those who have busy life styles. From any distance you can sign up to get your program and get the learnings and the ‘reprogramming’ online. MY CLIENT RELEASED 10 KG in 8,5 weeks. She is VERY HAPPY. The healings have affected her in so many ways. Check out her inspiring Testimonial on my website and join my “Weight Loss Program Theta Healing” on Facebook.

I know it just feels SO GOOD to have a healthy body weight! Life is just much more fun and enjoyable.


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