What’s Quantum Being Healing?



Quantum Being Healing is a very simple but powerful guided Self-healing process based on Quantum Physics.


Everything is energy. E-motion is ‘energy in motion’. Emotions (energies) are supposed to flow. When emotions are supressed, energy gets stuck and can cause all sorts of problems.  


Quantum physics

Quantum Physics shows that when you break down energy in the smallest particle, it may show two different kinds of behaviour: a particle of matter (fixed) and waves (in motion). A particle of matter means that it can only be in one place at the time, there is just one possibility (and no other possibilities) because the energy is ‘fixed’ (stuck). A wave shows movement and can  it can go anywhere and become anything you want it to become (infinite possibilities).


What is the ‘matter’?  Whatever problem you are experiencing, weather it is how you feel, how you behave and perform, weather it is your unreached goals, unfulfilled desires, pain or problems with your emotional and physical health, underneath that problem is ‘stuck’ energy.


When you focus on that stuck emotion (matter) and you give it your full attention, you allow it to become a wave. Then you are opening yourself up for infinite possibilities. This is Quantum Physics.


love heals



In this simple but effective process we will focus on the emotions underneath the problem you are experiencing and that are limiting you. Once we focus on the stuck emotions, they start to flow and automatically start to change and be released. By giving it attention, you are acknowledging it and you are giving it love. This will bring you greater health, happiness and performances. Love is the key to healing. I have experienced amazing results. 


self imageFor Children:

This modality of creating change is a wonderful method for your children as well because children are very visual and intuitive. See Rates for special time arrangements for children in the comfort and safety of their own home. I also do ThetaHealing® sessions for children









Founder of this profound Quantum Being-method is Or Koren from Israel. Or is also a ThetaHealing Teacher and Practitioner.




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