Why is ThetaHealing® so powerful?


conscious mind versus subconscious mind


What we did not learn in school is that:
“Your subconscious mind is one million times more powerful than your conscious mind and is controlling your life for more than 95%”. Scientist have recognized this.”

(Reference Bruce Lipton)



So whatever you want to create in life,

if your subconscious mind (the 95%) is blocking it, you will never reach it. As Bruce Lipton says, the subconscious mind is a recording device and it keeps playing the tape. You can not change the tape by talking to it.  You can only change it when you press the record button. ThetaHealing® can remove subconscious blocks while pressing the record button.



health successThetaHealing® uses the theta brainwave and therefore can access and alter the subconscious mind. Things that first were impossible to achieve can then become possibilities. It clears the way to help you getting where you want. 




We are mostly unaware of the subconscious messages we are transmitting but they are indeed creating our world.

Things in your life do not ‘just‘ happen; you have created and attracted it. The deepest causes of the havoc you have in your life are your deeply held underlying negative subconscious beliefs and feelings (the negative programs on your tape). These are the energetic messages you are transmitting that attract and create the experiences, conditions and circumstances that match. The negative programs are the blockages that are keeping you from your desired outcome.


power of beliefs

The 95% of your life that is determined by your subconscious programs is the part that is hidden underneath the surface of the water. You may not even be aware of its presence, but it does control you. The subconscious mind does have the power and it runs autopilot. 

(Reference: Bruce Lipton – The Power of Beliefs).


Not all programs are serving and supporting you in reaching your goals. You are stuck with your patterns and programs until you access the subconscious mind to change these limiting hard wired programs. You are master of your fate and not victims of your genes and programs. You can create change. You truly are the creator of your life. You just need to remove your blockages to increase your success rate.


Using a ‘digging’ process and ‘muscle testing’ in a consultation, ThetaHealing® first of all helps you to identify your blocks that are causing the problem that you would like to resolve. We will focus on finding the deepest feelings and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.


Then, in the powerful programmable ‘Theta State’ we will access and alter the subconscious mind. With ThetaHealing® we will resolve and release  your negative limiting subconscious beliefs and feelings (programming) and replace these with positive ones to support you in achieving your goals.


By freeing yourself from anything that is blocking you and reprogramming your subconscious mind, you are reprogramming yourself, your life and your future. This allows you to live life to your fullest potential.


Mind tools

The Theta Mind Programming Tool

is the key to creating your life.


Why is ThetaHealing® more powerful than a ‘Band-Aid’ solution?

ThetaHealing® helps you heal both the symptoms and the underlying causes of your challenges.  This prevents you from recreating the same problems in your life. It is like fixing the dam that destroyed the road and not just fixing the road with the chance that it we be destroyed all over again by the broken dam. By replacing the negative energy you are transmitting with positive programs, you have fixed the cause of the problem and then you will start attracting and creating positive circumstances, conditions and experiences.



“The new science of epigenetics promises that every person on the planet has the opportunity to become who they really are, complete with unimaginable power and the ability to operate from, and go for, the highest possibilities, including healing our bodies and our culture and living in peace.” – Bruce Lipton


ThetaHealing® allows you to shift and heal on all levels (holistic)

  • mental
  • emotional
  • physical
  • spirit

Reprogramming the subconscious mind will uplift your spirit. It will change how you feel and think. This can affect the physical body as blocks have been removed, a better environment is created and that allows and improves the self-healing system of the body.. 


What would you like to attract and create in your life?

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