Your Brain is Amazing!

Your Brain is Amazing!

Your brain is amazing. It does millions of things. It controls your sensory, your vision, your hearing and speaking abilities, your language comprehension,  your memory, your muscle movement, your digestive system, your endocrine system (hormones) your respiratory system (breathing), your lymph system and so much more. Different parts of the brain control different things. The chemical messengers in the brain, the neurons, communicate with the rest of the body. The neurons send messages to the body and receives messages from the body as well. Lots of information in the form of energy is registered in the brain.

Brain waves graphicThe brain can be highly active or more in a relaxed state. The activity of the brain defines the frequency of the brainwave. On a daily basis we all go in and out of different states, making use of all the different brainwaves. The EEG machine has measured that on a daily basis we use 5 different Brain waves / frequencies: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. They all have different frequencies, meaning the number of times a wave repeats itself within a second. They all use different part of the brains.

From least to most activity:

  • 0 – 4 Hz     Delta Brainwave
  • 4-7 Hz       Theta Brainwave
  • 7 – 14 Hz   Alpha Brainwave
  • 14 – 21 Hz  Beta Brainwave
  • 21 – 28 Hz  Gamma Brainwave (-5000 Hz)

DELTA – Deep Sleep, Trance , Unconscious  (> 4 Hz)

Delta is the slowest brainwave. Delta waves have a frequency of 0.1 – 4 cycles per second. It is a dreamless sleep Brainwave. People in coma are in a Delta State. Babies are in a Delta State.

THETA – Meditation, Awaken Dream Wave State (4 – 7 Hz)

Theta brain waves have a frequency of 4 – 7 cycles per second. The theta Brainwave state is a very deep state of relaxation. It is a dream state while fully awake. It is the State between deep sleep and meditation. It is used in a dream state and in hypnosis. Young children are in a Theta State. When you are in awe with nature and feel interconnected to everyone and everything, you are in a Theta State as well. It is when you just ‘know’ that God is real. When you are driving a car and you can’t recall a part of your journey, you were using the Theta Brainwave. It is a brainwave you use with repetitive actions when you don’t need to ‘think’. In this state of mental relaxation you may get a free flow of ideas. It is the state of Creation.

ALPHA – Relaxed/reflecting, closing the eyes, daydreaming, fantasizing, coma (7 – 14 Hz)

Alpha brain waves have a frequency of 7 – 14 cycles per second. The alpha state is brainwave between Theta and Beta. It is very relaxed meditative brainwave state. When you close your eyes and you imagine a sunset at the beach with birds flying around, you are using the alpha brainwave. When people use Reiki Energy Healing they use the Alpha Brainwave.

BETA  – Active concentration, alert, working, anxious/busy thinking (14 – 21 Hz)

Beta brain waves have a frequency of 14 – 21 cycles per second. When you are active and alert, like when you are thinking, talking and communicating, you are in a Beta State. You are probably in a Beta wave right now while reading this.

GAMMA – Sensory processing (21 – 28+ / 5000Hz)

Gamma brain waves have a frequency of 21 – 5000 cycles per second. It is the brainwave when we use higher mental activity like in learning and processing information. We use this brainwave also in perception and consciousness using combining our senses like sound and sight. We use this brainwave in short term memory recognizing tactile sensations, sounds and objects.


The Theta Brainwave is used in Theta Healing. That is why it is called Theta Healing. The Theta Brainwave brings up all the emotions and limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind stores emotions, feelings and beliefs. It runs 90% of your body (heart, breath, digestion). The emotions, feelings and beliefs are energies and effect the body. The subconscious mind helps you to achieve what you believe.  The subconscious mind does not know which beliefs are good for you and just keeps you ‘safe’ by running your programs (beliefs) attracting situations that matches your beliefs.

You have positive beliefs that work for you (your energy flows) and you have negative beliefs that will limit you (your energy is blocked). Theta Healing helps you to find your blocks that keep you from achieving your goals. By consciously going into a Theta Brainwave you can access the subconscious mind and change all limiting beliefs and feelings into positive ones. With the ‘Energy of Creation’ using the Theta Brainwave you can ‘dis-create’ negative beliefs and feelings and ‘create’ positive beliefs and feelings. This creates positive change in your life and you will start attracting situations in your life that matches your positive feelings and beliefs.

With changing your beliefs and feelings you change your life.

Theta Healing is a drug free holistic modality that heals Body, Mind and Soul at the same time. Theta means ‘soul’. Theta Healing is a ‘soul’ modality, connecting to the Creator God. by connecting to this ‘Energy of Creation’.  This energy is the purest energy. It is the energy of the Creator’s “Unconditional Love”. Love heals. Love overwrites everything.

The following is an Ode to the Brain, a great video to watch:

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